Features & Benefits

Just a few of the benefits offered by our composite material

Learn key features and benefits of using Azdel Onboard composite in construction

Check out some of the features and benefits of using Azdel Onboard composite in the construction of your travel trailer or motorhome walls.
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Half the Weight of Wood

50% Lighter than Wood

Azdel OnboardĀ® composites are about half the weight of wood at the same thickness. This increases fuel efficiency while reducing stress on your tow vehicle.

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Let it Rain

No Mold, Mildew, Rotting or Warping

Water will not cause fiber decomposition on our composite panels, so there is no rot or warping. Wet/dry cycles can affect wood bonds and diminish structural support.

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Hot & Cold Cycles

Unaffected by Temperature & Humidity Changes

Azdel composite panels are not damaged from freezing and thawing cycles, a common cause of delamination. Temperature and humidity changes are well tolerated by our material.

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Sound Absorption

Superior Sound Absorption

Azdel panels are porous which allows them to absorb sound waves instead of being transferred through vibration of wood panels. You are in for a quieter ride and rest. Additional testing underway – more to come.

Non-Toxic; Low VOCs

Low VOCs; No Formaldehyde

Azdel composites do not grow mold, mildew or emit toxic fumes, so you can breathe easily with peace of mind, even for those with allergies or increased sensitivity.

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Positive Ownership Experience

The features and benefits of Azdel Onboard composite in your RV’s construction should provide peace of mind and offer a more positive overall ownership experience.

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