Less Weight

Plywood is about twice the weight of Azdel Onboard composite with the same dimensions

Why Does Weight Matter?

More than ever before, and at a younger age, people are getting into RVing and the lifestyle that goes with it. RV owners want mobility, flexibility, and towability. Not everyone owns, or wants to own, a heavy duty pickup truck capable of towing a large unit. With significant weight reduction, RV’s can be towed by smaller vehicles with less towing capacity, making it easier for many to take that step into RV ownership. A lighter load, even with a motorhome, is easier on your vehicle, better for fuel efficiency and, in turn, easier on your wallet – even for those with larger trucks. And consider this: the more weight your unit consumes of your towing capacity, regardless of the vehicle you’re driving, the less weight you have available for cargo.

AZDEL Onboard composite panels are about half the weight of their wood counterpart.


Azdel-Lauan Weight Matrix

Extra weight in your RV should be due to extras that you pay for, not the basic wall construction.

This comparison assumes the following:

  • All weights are in LBS.
  • Unit is 40′ long
  • All sheets are 4×8′
  • Lauan is dry*

*Dry lauan still contains 10-12% water content.
This can fluctuate, leading to inconsistencies in the wood.