People in the RV industry have been taking notice of Azdel Onboard composite for years, even those outside of manufacturing.
Below are just a few who had something to share about the product and their experience.

Jared Gillis – Quartzsite, AZ – January, 2019
Team AZDEL was onsite for the week of the huge RV show. Our first visit to Quartzsite allowed us to share our important message with thousands who turned out for the massive event. Among those was Jared Gillis of the YouTube channel All About RV’s. He’d heard about Azdel composite panels but stopped by our exhibitor booth to check out the material up close. Here’s what he had to say.

Key quote:
“I’m hoping that more RV manufacturers will switch to this kind of construction. I think it would be great for the industry.”

Lance Camper
Gary Conley goes into detail about why Lance Camper uses Azdel Onboard composite sheets. It is 50% lighter than wood, won’t rot or get moldy and improves insulation R-value. Azdel has no formaldehyde making it safer than other materials, and it assists in sound deadening.

Key quote:
“When you’re considering buying an RV, weight matters”

Mount Comfort RV
Discussion about Coachmen RV’s use of Azdel Onboard composite panels in their construction, with an overview of the benefits and prevention of delamination. Azdel Onboard composite sheets are produced using a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass, creating a strong and lightweight wall that is highly resistant to the elements.

Key quote:
“…the biggest thing you can do is keep the water out. The technology of Azdel makes it well worth it over the old technology of just having a lauan backer.”

Michael and Jenny Justus document their damage demo
“As we cut into the walls we notice they are stamped with formaldehyde warnings. Formaldehyde is a chemical used to produce wood products – especially in pre-manufactured homes and RV’s. Exposure to formaldehyde can cause health problems, mostly respiratory issues. Of course this information was unnerving; the RV is our home.”

(Continued) – “We found a product that can be applied to walls, floors, etc. that stops formaldehyde off-gassing. In a future video, we’ll show you how we combated the problem of formaldehyde in our RV to ensure the air we’re breathing isn’t a toxic hazard.”

Additional Quote & Testimonial

“This product has revolutionized the industry”

Mike Kaiser, General Manager, Coachmen Class A in 2019

“About two months ago I Inspected a 2014 Class C RV built with Azdel in the walls.  Upon inspection I found serious voids and cracks in the roof sealants.  In addition, these cracks and voids were in critical areas.  In my opinion, this unit should have had serious delamination issues in numerous areas, but it did not have any — not one.  I am now definitely a believer, and it is my opinion that Azdel is superior to other materials in this application, and my next RV will have Azdel in the walls.”

RV Inspector (T.M.), January 2021