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Protective Barriers

Learn about protective barrier applications with Azdel OnboardĀ® composite sheets

You’ll notice in the header above an image depicting a flooring underlayment. While an underlayment itself is a protective barrier, and thus fitting this page, the application is significant enough that it has a dedicate page. We welcome you to visit our page entitled, Interior Underlayment.

Oily Floor Barrier

Garage or Shop Floor Barrier

Unfortunately, this image probably looks familiar to most. We have all owned, or know someone who has owned, a vehicle that leaks oil or other fluids. Some fluids leave nasty stains that are very difficult to remove. If you have such a leak, whether it’s a temporary or long-term problem, you might consider using a composite sheet like Azdel’s as a protective barrier.

Polypropylene is one ingredient of our composite. An oil-based substance, polypropylene readily absorbs and holds oils and oil-based fluids. So even while our material is generally porous, it will not easily allow oils to pass through it.

You can leave it loose or tape it down, but a single sheet easily fits within your wheel base, and should protect one garage or shop floor stall from most fluids in most locations from one vehicle.

Paint Barrier or Drop Sheet

A drop cloth so large it’s bunched up, folded up, tucked in, under and around. It’s a tripping hazard that creates a spilling hazard, and it takes extra time to spread out.

Or how about a flimsy plastic sheet so light that it moves with a slight breeze when you pass by, or it easily rips when you walk across it? You pretty much have to tape it down.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, use our lightweight, straight-edge sheets that easily and quickly snug up to the face of your wall, provide a flat surface to walk on, place a ladder and your paint tray.

Paint Barrier

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