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Interior Wall Décor Panels

Transform your interior walls and rooms with Azdel Onboard® composite

We created a structure to demonstrate how Azdel’s composite panels work well for both wall coverings and flooring underlayment. Because this page focuses on wall coverings, the floor is faded out. You can learn about our flooring possibilities on pages entitled, Flooring Application and Interior Underlayment. But read on for ideas related to interior wall decor panels.

Miscellaneous Interior Panels

Below is a breakdown of the components pictured here. The “sheets” shown are not a full 4×8, but were cut to fit the display.

  1. Display frame using standard 2×4 lumber with studs 16″ on center.
  2. Typical insulation batts between each stud. The first is lowered to reveal spacing.
  3. Our 4.7mm composite sheet screwed to studs. This also sits behind the decorative panel (F). Our densest version, this 4.7 can function like a sheet of drywall, but is much lighter. On the raw surface one could install backsplash or any decorative panel.
  4. Our 4.7mm composite covered by a waterproof polypropylene film with a light texture we call “Piko”. This is in pale gray.
  5. Similar to above (D) in black.
  6. This is our 4.7mm composite with a more print-friendly scrim, then a woodgrain pattern literally printed onto the sheet. The possibilities are endless here! Watch for information to come about our printable material!

Create a New Look!

This kitchenette is part of an office that sits near residential property. It is in the same office as the room shown below. There were no cabinets. The walls were old, dingy and unfinished drywall. A fresh coat of paint could fix that, of course, but why paint when you can have the look of faded, distressed shiplap? This is just one of several in-line finishes that we offer. Or, any of our distributors can laminate one of their vinyl décor finishes onto our composite. They do this regularly for RV interiors.

Office Kitchenette View 1
Office Kitchenette View 2

Modernize Quickly & Easily

These two images come from the same room, and in the same business office as the images from above. This dated room had old, brown wood paneling directly on the studs. That stayed to serve as a backer for the new 2.7mm sheets that would be used to brighten, modernize and transform this room. They were fastened with 18-gauge brad nails into the studs.

Office Wall
Office Entry Wall

There’s no reason a garage can’t look better than, well… a garage. Covering the walls is a fast and effective way to dress up an unfinished garage, and you can use any pattern you like, or use a combination of colors. You have a blank canvas with which to work, so make it yours!

In this case, insulation batts were added between the studs. Our composite sheets were then secured to studs and the bottom of the trusses with drywall screws. Sometimes a matching seam tape is available to hide the screw heads and seams. Azdel composite sheets are much lighter and easier to work with than drywall, and no mudding is necessary.

Garage - Before
Garage - During
Garage - After

Where Would You Use It?

The uses for this are virtually limitless.

  • Home décor panels for main walls, kitchen, basement
  • Garage or Workshop walls
  • Office wall panels
  • Pool House walls
  • Shed or Storage room panels
  • Boat cabin interior panels
  • Hunting Blind walls and interior panels
  • Any area where you want a more finished, decorative look, or where moisture or rotting may be concern
Interior Examples

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