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Truck & Trailer Applications

Truck and Trailer applications are among the growing list of uses for Azdel Onboard composite that extend beyond those common in the RV world.

Truck Applications

The box truck above with Azdel composite sidewall exterior, interior, ceiling and floor is just one example of how our material can fit into a range of mobile products.

The widespread use of Azdel OnboardĀ® composite in laminated RV’s makes the use in trucks and laminated trailers a no-brainer. The lamination materials and processes are similar, and the well-documented benefits of our composite are also desired in many other vehicles and structures. Each product has its own purpose, but the reasons for using our composite are often the same, like weight savings and eliminating problems that arise from water intrusion on wood.

Trucks types using our composite include Heavy Truck & Trailer, Delivery trucks, Utility and Cargo trucks. Heavy trucks use our composite for bulkheads and other divider walls, interior wall panels, wall inserts and more.

Trailer Applications

Pictured here is a restroom trailer with laminated sidewalls, front and rear walls, roof and doors. Multiple manufacturers of these trailers are using our material for its water resistance, lighter weight, and ability to withstand temperature cycles and varying humidity levels.

We offer interior options that can also work for shower surrounds, divider walls, ceilings and more.

Trailer Types

These trailers use and benefit from Azdel composite:

  • Mobile & Modular Offices
  • Mobile Studios
  • Mobile Shelters and other structures
  • Restroom/Lavatory Trailers
  • Other / Misc. Trailers

The uses for our composite here include sidewalls, roofs/ceilings, divider walls, shower surrounds (where applicable), floors, doors, ramps and shelving.

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