Recreational Vehicles

We continue to expand our range of applications and material finishes for recreational vehicles.  With each one, owners gain peace of mind.

Azdel Onboard – The RV

In addition to RV sidewall exteriors and interiors, Azdel Onboard composites are used in the construction of roofs, ceilings, front walls, rear walls, slide-outs and cab-over floors. The possibilities don’t end there. After extensive prototyping and testing with various materials and configurations, we finally have a strong, lightweight flooring solution. As more RV manufacturers continue to adopt our material, we are driven to develop solutions to meet their needs and those of the RV owner. Our composite is used on Class A and Class C motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, minis, teardrops and truck campers. Check out the informative videos below! Wondering on which brands we can be found?
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Azdel Onboard:
An RV Overview

This video explains why so many RV manufacturers have chosen Azdel Onboard composite material for their RV construction, and why so many RV buyers are specifically seeking out units made with it.

RV owners enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that molding and rotting walls will never be a problem. At least, it won’t come from our composite.

Other Benefits

  • Consistency in material quality, edges, squareness and weight
  • Easy to work with
  • Sustainable – no deforestation required
  • 100% made in U.S.A.

Azdel Lamination
by Coachmen RV

Coachmen has compiled snippets of their sidewall lamination process, giving a glimpse of the various steps from the FRP glue coating to the vacuum bag curing.

The vacuum bag is one of the two main and proven methods by which RV manufacturers apply the necessary, consistent and even pressure to the wall to complete the lamination process and form a structurally sound wall that lasts.

More Coachmen Info:

In 2006, Coachmen was the first manufacturer to fully adopt Azdel Onboard composite panels into their sidewall construction.

All brands under Coachmen made with laminated sidewalls use our 3.6mm material for the exterior substrate. And all Class C motorhomes under Coachmen use our material for the bunk (cab-over) floors.